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Our experience in this domain started back in 1965, when the first unit of processing and dyeing fur skins was set up by Trifonas Ditsios.

Time flew so we reached today, constantly improving our quality and always following the most modern techniques and styles of each period.

All this experience and knowledge resulted in a big and powerful business, so that we could have today a factory that has the capacity to serve any client, that has modern and increased needs regarding the dressing, as well as the dyeing of fur skins, in reasonable prices; while at the same time it can smoothly produce the necessary qualities in reasonable time limits (fast delivery).

The manpower of the firm, except for being excellently aware of their object, they are always and continually trained about the new and modern production techniques and they are always ready to correspond to the increased market demands.

The whole production process is organized and structured to be completely environmentally-friendly, producing few or no pollutants at all, consuming the less possible energy, having an increased sense of social responsibility, while at the same time it fits a high end and totally green factory of dressing and dyeing fur skins.

The technical knowledge, along with the inspiration, the experience, the passion and the long-standing tradition of being in the market have turned our business into a pioneer in the fur skins processing. We supply selected processing units of production, clothing and fur skin in Greece, as well as abroad.

The firm was under new and high end installations, in the first totally green Unit of dressing and dyeing fur skins in the world.

Having a 48 year experience in processing skins, we are very aware of how important quality is and that we should be trustworthy suppliers.

The philosophy of the business, as well as its strategy is focused on the continuing development and improvement of its activities and its products, in order to forcefully fit in the top places among the other businesses of this field, always asking for an increasing stake in the market.

Therefore the goals of our firm are focused on:


1) Making sure that our management, production and commerce of the final products are contemporarily structured and organized,


2) Improving creativity, quality and effectiveness of its production, in the spirit of an extremely large net of interaction among suppliers, producers and distributors, that demands a non-stop retrofit,


3) Introducing and utilizing modern systems that are modern technology based, to develop a perfectly functioned and continuingly developed a circuit of production,


4) And finally on the realization of investments, in the spirit of the continuing strengthening of the products and services provided, always ensuring the total respect of the environment and the sustainable development.

Even though the factories of this field are usually among the first in the list of the emission- causing hearths, “D.T.S. S.A.”, which resides in the Kastoria’s Industrial Park, is a totally green and environmental friendly high end unit.

This green factory is innovative because it is characterized by the total utilization of natural resources and by the full recycling of its wastes, in order to cause the minimum amount of soil and air pollution, something that it is totally unknown, until nowadays to the rest factories of this field.

For the producing, the dressing and the dyeing process of the furskins, we mainly use the rainwater and snowmelt water.

The necessary energy for the heating of the water that is essential for the production is produced by the solar absorbers.

We use liquefied petroleum gas instead of oil in order to not pollute the environment, while the chemicals that we use fulfill all the statutory criteria and are environmental friendly.

The firm has predicted for installing in its factory a pyrolitic incinerator of high capacity, in which all the organic, animal and the company’s waste are led and cremated, ensuring and reassuring the non- production and conduction of pollutants and wastes in the surroundings.

The wastes of the production process are led to physicochemical purification and so, the mud, clean, is eventually used as a field fertilizer, whereas the water sluiced for its final purification in the green installations for water purification in the city of Kastoria.